PoemsCroagh Patrick - Pete the Poet

February 24, 20210

Croagh Patrick

I am over here in Ireland, on the west coast of Mayo

The beauty is breath-taking, everywhere I go

With lovely hills and valleys, throughout this emerald land

The beaches are spectacular, with miles of golden sand


But the high point of my journey, if you’ll pardon the pun

Is climbing up Croagh Patrick, something that I have just done

It is a masterpiece of nature, with a church built at its peak

You haven’t experienced Ireland, until you have climbed the reek


The long trip up the mountain, it takes about two hours

The path is edged with rocks and stones, some heather and wild flowers

The view it just gets better, each step along the way

As you gaze out on the islands, that are dotted around Clew Bay


And when you reach the summit, all troubles seem to cease

You are filled with a warm feeling, of tranquillity and peace

It is all that you could wish for, with the most amazing view

Make sure you put it on your list, of things that you must do


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