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I was born and reared in Kilkelly, Co Mayo. I spent most of my life here apart from a few years in the late seventies and early eighties when I worked in England and Dublin. I am married with 4 children, all living and working locally. I have worked in construction and landscaping all of my life specialising in stone work and patios. I have always loved writing and poetry, by that I mean poetry that rhymes and tells a story. So from a very early age I started writing my own poetry. I wrote about local events that were happening, football matches, birthdays, elections and so on. People liked them and started to ask if I would write verses for them for special occasions or to give as gifts to people. That is how it all started off. I then got a website set up called www.reasons4rhymes.com That was trading for many years and now I have changed it to PetethePoet.ie as it has a better ring to it and also makes it a little more personal as my name is on it. I have written about all sorts over the years from highlighting charity events to football, politics, births, marriages and deaths etc. etc.. You name it, I have done it.

If you want a verse written for a special occasion just contact me and give me some information and I will put it together for you. I can get it printed and framed for you or you can get it and have it framed yourself. All verses are different, long, short, serious, funny, sentimental and so on. So the prices vary depending on what you want. We can discuss that at the time of writing. Have a look through this site and you will get a better idea of what I do and the products that I supply.

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